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Appletree Has It, Ltd.   Wooster, Ohio 44691

Appletree Has It, Ltd.   Wooster, Ohio 44691

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Heritage Candles - Fall/Holiday Collection

This collection of American Made candles has a lot to offer.  Warm your home with the fragrance of Baked Apple Pie, Cinnamon or Vanilla, to name just a few.​  Canning Jar or Silver Scents style,  each clean-burning candle has a 60+ hour burn time, and is fragranced from top to bottom.  These have been a traditional best seller for years.

Whether it's candles or flower just makes scents. 



Heritage Candles - The Spring Collection

Set the mood with these highly-fragranced candles, hand-crafted in the USA.  Rain, Sea Mist & Lavender and Cucumber Melon are among the light and airy fragrances offered in this Winter/Spring flyer. Inspirational themes such as Believe, Inspire,  and Dream, as well as Magic Melts for burners round out the selection.

Spring Planting Flower Bulbs

Sold in January-March fundraisers, these bulbs, grown in Holland, will brighten up any yard throughout the summer. Sword lilies, freesias, windflowers and gladioli are among the 19 varieties from which to choose. Beautifully laid out, this brochure can be used by itself or in tandem with another flyer.

Heritage Candles - $10.00 Candles & Magic Melts

At just $10.00 each, these highly-fragranced 8oz. canning jar candles and double-packs of Magic Melts for burners might be just the thing for your group.  Whether for home, office or dorm room, the selection of 12 fragrances offers something for everyone.

And... they're made-in-the-USA.

Fall Planting Flower Bulbs​​

August-October is the perfect time for this fundraiser. Plant in fall - flowers in spring.  Multiple tulip varieties, crocus, hyacinths and starflowers are the most popular among the 18 varieties offered. These beauties sell well alone, or add another one of our brochures to offer variety.